October 21-22, 2016,Nanjing China

The 2nd INFMA Forum is hosted by the NAU School of Economics and Management, Nanjing Audit University, with the co-organizing support from Tianjin University, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and Beijing Foreign Studies University. The theme of the year is “Decision engineering in increasing international cooperation”. Our purpose is to promote decision rationality, and an effective culture of cooperation.
 One reliable though not unique approach for making a better world, where the complexities of social, economic, natural and technical systems interact, is to involve insightful analysis and link them with good wills. The forum aims to provide a platform of network growth for those who are active in developing or practicing analytical methods and tools in economic, social, natural and technical systems for the purpose of better management. Therefore we seek papers or presentations related to the use of models for better management, both in corporate and public domains.

        为促进一带一路工程和大数据环境下管理分析与决策的科学研究,推动管理分析理论与实践的国际交流,由南京审计大学主办,南京审计大学管理科学与工程学院承办,天津大学-飞泰科智能工业研究中心、重庆邮电大学经济管理学院、北京外国语大学商学院等协办的“2016管理分析国际论坛”(International Forum for Management Analysis,INFMA 2016),将于2016年10月21日至22日在六朝古都南京——南京金陵江滨酒店与南京审计大学校园内举行。本次会议主题为“国际合作增长下的决策工程”,专注于管理科学建模、决策理论与方法、审计评估与决策、经济建模分析、应用系统分析(含社会,经济与技术系统)等领域。